Relaxing Sands 2 + Unusual Induction and Deepener Pack

by eSuccubus
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Release: May 2019
Length: 28 minutes

This is a combination of a sequel to Relaxing Sands, and a set of unusual deepeners targeted at alternative approaches to trance. Some are extracted and enhanced from the original Relaxing Sands, while others are adaptations of favorite techniques I haven't worked into other inductions. All of these are useful for achieving deeper relaxation and trying new approaches.

Length: 28 Minutes Total of modular files to insert into playlists as induction or deepeners.


Relaxing Sands 2: Sequel to Relaxing Sands, focusing on the concept of sliding even deeper into a cavern beneath the sand. Includes number reversal, fractionation, and visualization elements.

Breath Option Trigger Induction: Installs a trigger reminding you that by taking a deep breath you may influence yourself into deeper trance at any time. You always have permission to take a deep breath. Works in a similar way to Relaxing Sands.

Deepening Loop: A remake of my classic Deepening Loop. Loopable, simple, put it in your playlist.

Reminder You Can Breathe Deepener: Different from the trigger above, reminds you that all processes of trance are normal, physical, and safe, and so when you do take deep breaths, it can remove some of the concern or anxiety by reminding you that ordinary processes are happening and will continue to happen no matter how deep you go. This reassurance sets up a feedback loop for further deepening.

The Pulse of You Induction: intended for transformation or self help files, this is one of my programming/background subconscious themed inductions which asserts that your main "programming loop" is in a language only you have access to, so by undergoing communication between us I can help you to code new elements on to that loop, add additional functions and assertions. Includes reminders that your attitude is knowable and visible to others, and so thought has more power over perception and actualization than you would think.

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