Shifting Confusion

by eSuccubus
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Release: Aug 2016
Length: 25:53

This is a confusion induction delivered in alternation between my most rapidfire clip and a slower cadence.
Confusion themes include multiple inductions, fractured countdowns, and metaphor visualization.
Works well with Special Touch, which I made at the same time.
Great for those who like the idea of a deluge of trance washing away ordinary thoughts.
Teasing and dominant throughout.
Very long for an induction, so if you need more time to chill before the main body file action, try this.
Due to its confusion approach, also good for those who prefer to be somewhat disoriented before the fun.
Lastly, the elements of trance alluded to in this piece can actually be informative, so consider them - even for a waking listen.
The buffer/computer/mental processing descriptions are similar to Maintenance.

Playlist order: This file + (Optional: any deepener) + Any body file

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