Succubus Harem - Propogation

by eSuccubus
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Release: Apr 2015
Length: 15 minutes

This file follows on from Succubus Harem - Mental Mansion and Succubus Harem - Summoning Circle files.

For those who enjoy listening to multiple Succubus files like the Latex Succubus, Feminine Succubus Seed and Arousal Succubus, there is the Succubus Harem series. Also good for those who ordered custom succubus themed files. Simple enough concept - internal visualization of a fetishistic feminine entity there to support and tease the listener. This one is for those who want to listen to files intended for a sole succubus and have the training therein move through the network of internal visualizations. Simply envision each succubus as branded and interfaced with the others, so what one learns to do, the others learn. General visualization of the fantasy from the Mental Manse and Summoning Circle are also described herein.

Playlist order: Any Induction + This file

Related Categories: Succubus Harem Series • Behaviour

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