Sweet Surrender

by eSuccubus
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Release: Aug 2019
Length: 22 minutes

[F4M] Sweet Surrender [Hypnosis][Pussy worship][Conditioned and addicted][Triggered masturbation][Jerk-off instructions][Kneel and eat me out while you come][Light humiliation]

Pussy worship trigger and conditioning audio incorporating addiction, craving for 'sugar' and for my sexual juices linked to a honey metaphor in particular, and jerk off instructions. You're allowed to masturbate while you lick me, taste me. Kneeling and jerking off with your face buried between my legs is better than fucking anyway. Wouldn't you rather just slurp my honey until your brain drowns and melts in it?

A follow up to Come Home To Me, Honey.

This audio was written and recorded by Ms Victoria Shine.
You can find her here on reddit: u/MsVictoriaShine
You can find all of her public audios here: VictoriaShine on Soundgasm
Her youtube channel is here: MsVictoriaShine on Youtube
Her twitter is here: @MsVictoriaShine on Twitter

Length: 22 Minutes

Tags: Releases, Pussy Worship, JOI, Submission, Trigger, Voiced: Victoria Shine

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