System Analysis - Filter Editing Induction

by eSuccubus
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Release: Sep 2018
Length: 12 minutes

This is the most basic induction of the Filter Editing series. It is a very basic approach to hypnotic trance which works along the same lines as Brain Drain, Automatically, Puppet Bot, and other drone or 'brain as computer' files I've made.

Your operating system filters things at different levels. Some commands, requests, or requirements are so basic that your brain submits them without your conscious review and you would have to exercise restraint to stop them. Breathing regularly, eating and drinking when you need to, falling asleep when tired, following a familiar route unthinkingly, climaxing when you're a bit too close to release.

Your body is a system and it is subject to permissions editing. Then there are things you get to review, decision-level filters. Then there are things you know you don't like, so you reject them unthinkingly without needing to do anything about it.

Placing different items in different categories is ordinarily a long journey of experience, but a nice hypnotic shortcut is to change what priority level various commands and suggestions are at.

This file sets up for that, and works with the various advanced deepeners and inductions which are forthcoming.

Lots of this filework will involve changing who can cause, or how things can on their own, enter at the 'top priority' level where you barely notice them. This concept was explored in Brain Drain and Obey Women.

Some of these files will be about self improvement on the line of meditation to set aside negative thoughts or distractions by placing them in the auto-reject filter level for a time.

It all starts with this very basic induction, however, which can be used with any file though it is uniquely suited to the System Analysis series.

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