System Analysis - Obey Women Module

by eSuccubus
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Release: Sep 2018
Length: 20 minutes

This module follows up on my old "obey women" file concept for submissives to more automatically obey any command given by a woman in or out of trance.

The general theme of System Analysis, that you have a filter and a computer-like system where you can modify the permissions, persists here. You might open yourself up to considering any command from a woman to be a priority command. You could still resist it, still modify it, still consider and suppress it, but if it is normal and enjoyable or fits your model of what you want to do, including submitting, kneeling, and so on, you would obey such a command as long as it was safe and simple to do so. Works very well with the Self Respect Deepener from this pack.

Submit, modify yourself to submit completely, and find how seamless and automatic it can be.

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