System Analysis - Respect and Relaxation Deepener and Induction

by eSuccubus
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Release: Sep 2018
Length: 16 minutes

Bridging the gap between talking about your body as 'you' and talking about you as a system of sequences and filters.

This is more easily achieved if we talk about respecting yourself, preserving yourself, keeping yourself intact even if you are thoroughly brought to an aroused and sinking state.

This is also more easily achieved with a long progressive relaxation and counting induction using system and digitization metaphors alongside some arousing promises of things to come.

Both of these are in this pack, in deepener and induction form respectively. This induction can be chained with the previous Filter Editing Induction. This deepener can be used before any body file, but is particularly suited to those in the System Analysis series which concern obeying women, submitting to me, or submitting to your own mind.

Length: 16 minute induction, 8 minute deepener

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