Tavros Station Induction

by eSuccubus
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Release: Mar 2016
Length: 3:30
Non Erotic

Sci-fi theme. This is an induction set, with permission, in the Trials in Tainted Space universe.
This is one of the location inductions for certain files like Close Encounters and the Xenogen Gene Morph transformation files
Non-erotic, relaxing, descriptive.

Tavros Station is a place on the edge of the galactic frontier where many unusual shops have set up.
Strange technology abounds. Be teleported to an alien world, or transformed in a commercial gene lab.
This induction is the first link in the chain, follow it with any of the encounter files set on Tavros Station.

Playlist order: This induction + Any other files set on Tavros Station, in the order shown on their page.

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