The Jewelry Room

by eSuccubus
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Release: Feb 2017
Length: 45:40

Part of the Lamia Harem series. The Matron who was unseen during your first visit sweeps you aside and welcomes you to explore more deeply. The room where new initiates to the harem are taught how to please - the Jewelry Room.
Each gem holds remnants of the personality of some former wearer. Many have graduated or retired, but you are there to learn. How many remnants of purple hypnotic light and your own stupefied airheaded thought process will remain afterward? Only she knows.

Showing off her own aroused pussy and cock, the Matron has you please one and then the other under the influence of the magical jewelry present there. Alternately instructional and nurturing, she eventually invites one of the other lamias to fill your ass and pump it full of eggs which. Which of the three lamia harem girls filled you up before you were allowed to go? Well, that is for you to decide by choosing one of the endings below, or perhaps you'd rather leave it a mystery...
Further tours, and the stories of the other girls, will be presented in future pieces of this series.
The sample below is quite extensive, so perhaps give it a try.

Playlist order:
- Any Induction (?)
- This file
- OPTIONAL: One of the Egg Farewells from the download link below.

Once you have this on your playlist, place one of the following after it to choose an ending flourish...
Whose eggs are you carrying?
These Lamias are all featured in The Harem of the Absent Queen, though their personalities will be fleshed out more in future files.
Wondering what happens with the eggs? Well... eventually all things must end. In future keep your eye out for a file about birthing them.

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