Triggered Chastity Belt

by eSuccubus
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Release: Jan 2015

This file includes many useful triggers for a couple participating in orgasm control play. Many of these triggers are shared with the Chaste Service trigger file and the two files can be looped or used interchangeably.
Belt On - The trained listener feels unable to stimulate themselves, but stimulation from their partner will still get through.
Belt Off - The listener notices that they can now stimulate themselves, and furthermore notes all of the pent up arousal from when the belt was on has come flooding back.

My Throbbing Cock - the listener's partner requests "My throbbing cock", emphasizing that the listener's rigid shaft belongs to their lover, and is for their use - unable to cum until ordered, only able to edge and be constantly hard.
This file is loopable and has neither induction nor awakener.

Playlist order: Optional: Any Induction + This file, or just loop it on its own.

Related Categories: Reward • Couples • Trigger • Chastity

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