Wish Upon A Wing

by eSuccubus
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Release: Jun 2017
Length: 30 minutes

This file is cross posted from the Moonlit Hypnosis project, and features my alter ego over in that world of fantasy content, Aine Duana.
Catch a dragon, make a wish, and be careful what you wish for...
Catching a dragon unaware and demanding one wish from her. Wishing to be enfolded in her wings leads to a snuggling roll around and a nonsexual but relaxing arousing escape from the world for a while. Try to struggle, it just makes you both hornier.
This is a Vault file, meaning it is available to those at the appropriate level at Moonlit Hypnosis, or in exchange for TWO reward file credits, here at esuccubus.

Related Categories: Reward • Moonlit Hypnosis Project • Fantasy

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