by Mistress Clarissa
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Feminization H

A life-changing file aimed at the lowest of sissy slaves who crave to be degraded, humiliated and used. Listen to Mistress Clarissa's soft, commanding voice as she entices you into a world where all of your most depraved desires will eventually manifest in reality. Yes sissy, this recording will trap you in slavery forever, and the only way to end your obsession with this file will be to go and find a Mistress or Master to serve in the real world. But you will not just be any slave, you will truly be the lowest of the low, crawling on the floor, covered in cum, an object of amusement and ridicule to all those who see you. This recording will unlock your deepest desires, and cause you to crave ever degrading servitude and abuse. This is a rather extreme file so be sure this is what you want as the results will be permanent. Contains references to intense humiliation and degradation. Written and produced by MsJ and voiced by Mistress Clarissa.

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