Please Your Mistress

by Mistress Clarissa
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Length: 42:14
Femdom BW

This powerful FemDom slave training file is suitable for those who already have a Mistress and those that do not. Mistress Clarissas’ file will simply reinforce any actual slave training you are doing and will not detract from your submission to your own Mistress. Mistress Clarissa uses her lovely soft voice and clear British accent as ever to relax you and take you down into trance. Once has you in trance she explains to you that she is going to help you to be an excellent slave and then proceeds to effortlessly brainwash you. Once your desire to serve is linked to your self esteem submission and arousal you will be an excellent slave forever.

Themes include: female domination, BDSM, brainwashing, slave training. 42m14s

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