A Cucky Cuckold New Year

by Hypnotic Haylee
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Release: Dec 2016
Length: 15 minutes
Cuckold Findom

Come here slave. I require you to be my footstool as you listen to me leaving a message to a real man. The man that I am going to fuck late on New Years eve to ring in the new year while you are stuck at home cleaning up during the New Years Eve party that you had to work hard at serving and cleaning up after the superior guests.
You are a true cuckold. I married you for the money, which I demand you keep slaving away to make more so I can drain it. But I’ve never let you touch me. I’ve never even let you see me naked. I do however, tell you all about my nights about with real men.
Of course, you are going to listen to the message while staring at this hypnotic spiral video. I want it to stick in your mind even more, that you are a beta cuck that will never be able to please me beyond being a complete servant and ATM.
This is a raunchy, humiliating, degrading, mp3 for ultimate beta cuck losers. Listen at your own reward.

15 mins

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