Breaking Alphas

by Hypnotic Haylee
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Release: Mar 2019
Length: 16 minutes

You have been living with the delusion that you are an alpha Dominant male for far too long now! I am here to CRUSH that ridiculous lie right out of your little beta pea brain. This is TRUE Brainwashing, as your brain obviously needs a deep cleansing. By the end of this file, I guarantee you are going to be begging Me to fuck you harder. To make you BEG to submit fully. To show you just how much of a weak little bitch you truly are.

All resistance will be destroyed. You are such a beta bitch.

This is TRUE Brainwashing, FULL of MIND penetrating subliminals and MANY layers of mind fucking vocal tracks.

Special Features: Many brainwashing subliminal/multi tracks, binaural ASMR whispers, mind penetrating binaural beats, teasing verbal humiliation, bratty domination, true mindfucking methods.

16 mins

Categories: Brainwashing and Mind Fucking, Vox Minis and Mantras, Vox Siren Bratty Verbal Abuse, Vox Siren Femdom, Vox Siren Financial Domination, Vox Siren Humiliation, Vox Siren Store
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