Beta Bitch Useless Male Mindfuck Loop - Vox Siren

by Hypnotic Haylee
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Release: Jan 2018
Length: 19 minutes

You are a walking abomination. A chronic masturbator. A disappointment to every woman that unfortunately crosses your path. You are weak, inferior, pathetic. I am a powerful, Superior Empress. I see right through you. You try so hard sometimes to be an alpha male, but you are just a worm. This file is going to teach you your place, and fuck your mind up into accepting all of the suggestions that I am telling you. A mind fuck mantra loop for pathetic bitches like yourself.
Trust Me, this is a blessing! Once you embrace the fact that you are a whimpering, blubbering, beta bitch boy, you will finally be able to learn how to please Women the only way you possibly could. You are powerless to Women. Women are so superior to you.
Beta bitch cuck wimp. Embrace your true identity. I am going to fuck you up so good, and you are going to sit there and take it, and thank thank Me. Listen to this over and over and over again while you hump your hand. You know this is the only attention you’ll ever get from a divine Goddess like myself, or any other Woman. HAH so pathetic!

This is cruel as fuck. Don’t listen if you cant handle the truth.

19 mins

Categories: Brainwashing and Mind Fucking, Vox Siren Edging/Joi/Teasing, Vox Siren Femdom, Vox Siren Financial Domination, Vox Siren Humiliation, Vox Siren Store
Tags: erotic hypnosis, erotic hypnosis mp3, femdom humiliation, femdom hypnosis, humiliatrix, hypnodomme

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