Accepting the truth - you exist to please ME

by Hypnotic Haylee
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Release: Sep 2019
Length: 16 minutes

This mini and mantra is designed to force you to accept the truth. You exist to please ME. You may not believe this, but many submissives are actually extremely resistant and selfish. It’s truly not their fault though! It’s because they have never been taught the proper way to be.

Without even being aware of it, they try to use Dommes like Myself for their own pleasure, and gratitude. This file is going to wipe away years of programming, bad behaviors, and resistance, and completely transform you into accepting the TRUTH. You exist to please ME. Not the other way around.

My pleasure will become your absolute focus and true pleasure. This means that you will please Me even if it is by doing something you normally wouldnt find pleasing to yourself. Your wants and pleasures matter not. You are a slave. You exist in My world to please ME. Your world will revolve around Me.

Set this to repeat, or have another file in que to play right after, or simply let it play and awaken naturally!

Special Features: Conversational Deep Faster Induction, Binaural ear to ear ASMR, Multi Track whispers and subliminals, mind fucking, deep mind penetration, NLP Hypnotic Language, New Slave Mantra, Positive Affirmations designed to destroy all resistance and make you accept the truth.

16 mins

Categories: ASMR Whispers, Brainwashing and Mind Control, Female Domination, Goddess Worship, Love and Addiction, Minis and Mantras, Slave Training
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