Covert Cash Drop

by Hypnotic Haylee
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Release: Aug 2019
Length: 18 minutes

In this epic story time stealth hypnosis induction fantasy session, I will tell you a story all about a man innocently browsing the web, and ending up with an extreme fetish to meet Me for a cash drop meet, and you will hear all about how I fuck his mind so deeply, that he experiences hypnotic amnesia over and over again, until he has tributed EVERYTHING to Me, remembering to forget that he has, only aching to give Me MORE. I wonder, is this simply a covert hypnotic TRAP on you? Hmmmmm

Oh and you can feel as if this is you. Is this you? Is this about you? Lets find out.

Special features: Stealth induction, story telling, hypnotic amnesia, post hypnotic suggestions, fantasy fueled mind fuckery, findom

Categories: Brainwashing and Mind Fucking, Vox Siren Femdom, Vox Siren Financial Domination, Vox Siren Store
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