Pimped Out!

by Tessa Fields
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Length: 24:39
Gay H BW

It’s your lucky day! Mistress is getting ready to turn your pathetic mouth into something more useful. I’m going to pimp your mouth out and turn you into my cock sucking whore. So, I’m going to allow you to get hard for me. In fact, I encourage it! And why is that? Simply because it makes it so easy to turn you into a cock-craving cum guzzler! I know that when your cock gets hard, your brain turns to mush. This hypnotic recording will make you LOVE the thought of sucking cock, and before long you’ll be doing it for me, your Pimp Goddess Tessa, and giving me all your hard-sucked profits.

FX: Layered with ambient music

Topics/Fetishes: Cock sucking, cock craving, cum eating, glory hole, blowjobs, whoring, forced bi, masturbation instruction, mind control

Humiliation, Mind Control/Brainwashing

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