Small Dick Paypig

by Tessa Fields
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Length: 20 minutes

I’ve got great news for all of my humiliation addicts! I was recently invited by the ballbusting Vittoria of VittoriaErotica to join her at HumiliationPOV, where hot girls dish out severe humiliation and degradation to all the losers, sissies, and teeny weenies!

I’ve posted a brand new humiliating, financial domination recording entitled “Small Dick Paypig” on the site. It is a delicious 20 minute erotic hypnosis recording that takes you deep down into trance to discover what a truly pathetic loser you are and just how small your teeny tiny dick is! I use my control over you to turn you into a horny paypig that can’t make that little nub come without pleasing me first.

Financial Domination, Humiliation, SPH

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