Sand Mistress

by Tessa Fields
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Release: Apr 2014
Length: 26:57

The Sand Mistress comes for you as you sleep. Much like the fabled succubus, she will drain you. She will empty you of your will while you sleep. In exchange, she fills your dreams with nothing but submissive, sexy thoughts and visions.

This is a great file for sleep. This file does not have a traditional wakener, so if you need to go somewhere, you might want to set an alarm or risk staying in blissful sleep.

Release Date 04/09/2014
Recording Quality Stereo
Length in Minutes 26:57
Background Music Yes
Subliminal Layering Yes
Post-Hypnotic Suggestions Yes-For sexy dreams
Topics/Fetishes Sleep, dreams, mild succubus theme, submission, femdom

Femdom, Mind Control/Brainwashing, Submissive Training

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