Trust Me

by Tessa Fields
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Length: 19:32

I’ve made another hypnosis recording for HumiliationPOV! This is a hot blackmail, femdom hypnosis session that is already making boys spill all their secrets to me!

“Trust Me – Blackmail Hypnosis”

Description: I know you have tons of dark, deviant secrets. It would be so nice if you could trust someone enough to tell them all to. You can trust me to take you into deep hypnosis and you will trust me even more once I get you there. Find yourself compelled to tell me everything, even though you know I’m just devious enough to use it against you. You won’t think twice about revealing all your secrets to me and even telling me who I should hide those secrets from. I could blackmail you, but I’m sure you won’t be thinking about that because you trust me so much. You might find that you can’t help yourself from sending me pics and videos of yourself like a pathetic loser. Trust is earned and there is always a price to be paid for it!

FX:Layered with Ambient Music and Subliminals, Stereo Recording

Topics/Fetishes: Trust, Arousal, Secrets, Weak Minded, Blackmail Mind Control, Mind Fuck, Brainless, Femdom Hypnosis

Blackmail, Femdom, Humiliation, Mind Control/Brainwashing

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