Dejavu Xtrain - Witchcraft

by Miss Mary
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Release: Nov 2014
Length: 37 minutes

Be submerged in the first of the new Dejavu XTrain Series.

The connection between witchcraft and what we now know as hypnosis goes back through the ages.

Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, is probably the most well known reference.


This submission training session will install a powerful trigger in your unconscious mind, taking you deep into the witches lair. Every time you see a certain color, whether consciously or in your peripheral, you will find yourself overcome by a certain presence, as you are drawn deeper into the gloved hands of female witchcraft. This will be out of your control. In fact if you are to try to control it, you will simply find yourself becoming confused and feel weak to My power. The more you see your submission trigger color, the stronger this urge will be. You might or might not know what your trigger color is. You are coming to learn that what you know, or do not know, is not so important as what your unconscious knows.

This new and FX-packed training session utilizes the triggers which have been installed in the Dejavu Series 1-3. For a most intense experience play this session directly after listening to the Dejavu training series (put them on a playlist to become lost in over 2 hours of blissful subspace). Listening to the training series first is also highly recommended for your mental security, since the bonus session utilizes much of the safety net already installed in your preparation.
Please note - This session utilizes advanced multi-track subliminal technology. Please listen through good headphones or speakers for full effect.

Full length, multi-track training session (37 minutes)

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