Advanced Surrender

by Kasha Shakti
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Release: Nov 2013

If you're my pleasing Treasure who has been training for me for a while, you already find yourself immediately sinking into a deep, obedient trance every time you hear me tell you to Surrender. It makes your cock hard and your mind empty, and that feels wonderful. Now, I'm going to introduce you to an even more erotically fulfilling understanding of your need for Surrender.

When you have the experience of complete Surrender, you will enter into a much more profoundly satisfying way of being. You know how light you can be when utterly without burden, how free you are when you are controlled by nothing but your perfect goddess. Be prepared to explore with a sense of rapt joy and wonder from that place of clarity when you Surrender to this trance.

It is impossible for you to become too swept up in your arousal, as the more turned on you become the easier it is for you to Surrender, and the more you Surrender the greater affect my voice has on your cock. It's so easy to give in to your sexual craving for me, and you need to Surrender to my voice right now. to experience relief from everything but the desire of your throbbing cock.

Trigger Training ‚óŹ Brainwashing and Conditioning

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