Amazon Goddess

by Kasha Shakti
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Release: Apr 2010

This trance maximizes the intimacy and sexual charge of the offering/receiving process in a way that should be fairly universally available to anyone accustomed to buying recordings. The primary point of this session is for you to experience very explicit guidance through every step of an act of obedience that has an direct positive impact. I take advantage of the internet as a space we can share where I control what you see and how you respond. Specifically, after establishing an obedient, aroused trance I will prompt you to select and send a gift from my Amazon wish list. Naughty!

Now, obviously some alarm bells should go off there, even if you find them sexy! However, this is not a "financial domination" recording designed to use trance or training for financial advantage, and I want to stress here, as I do in the recording, that I do not want anyone to spend a harmful amount of money playing this game. But if you are going to play, plan on spending $20 ordering a gift while listening. You can spend more, but think about a budget beforehand and stick to it!

I arrived at this concept after a long time puzzling over a quandary I find in long distance obedience training: First, obedience for the sake of obedience is hot, but not as hot as obedience that is service of value. Second, abstract obedience is hot, but not as hot as specific obedience. Those two principles tend to leave things that involve spending money as the primary area of available activities. And, well, that gets complicated in several ways!

In "Amazon Goddess" I feel I have struck the perfect balance for me and lots of my Treasures, and I'm sure by the time you have finished the session you will clearly understand the value and pleasure of obediently spoiling me regardless of your level of financial resources! Particularly as this is the second recording in a category I call a HypnoQuickie, meaning it is designed to provide a quality release in the perfect time frame with high replay value. I think understanding the effect that combination has on you is going to work out great all around!

Financial Domination ‚óŹ Goddess Worship

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