Binaural Brainwashing

by Kasha Shakti
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Release: Mar 2014

You hear it, you know it's there, you know what it's there for, but that doesn't change anything. You want to be sinking just as quickly as you are, as quickly as you can, into the pulsing beats behind my voice. Dissolving into the erotic bliss of obedience to my words, so sweet and sultry, taking you down into hazy arousal. Can you imagine?

I love to scrub your dirty mind clean of everything but my voice, and I will use every tool at my disposal to take you into the deepest levels of trance you have ever experienced. Expertly crafted layers will shatter you and sweep you up over and again. Your addiction to my erotic hypnosis is tugging at you so hard thinking about listening to this session, isn't that right, Treasure?

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