by Miss Ellechemy
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Release: Dec 2015
Length: 48:00

Mistress Ellechemy knows that subjects desire to please Her. She exploits this desire to maximum advantage in the full length X-RATED audio session INTROMISSION.

It begins with a deep induction where the subject is regressed so far back as to induce a thorough pre-cognitive state, including: a complete BRAIN-WIPE, an amnesia trigger and extremes of hypnotic domination and objectification too shocking to describe. Her sublime mental erosion will ruin you for anything but being Her abject, mindless sex object.

This is an invocation that will test the subject's limits and push them to new levels of compliance. Enjoy the many double-binds and mind-fucks building to a slave contest so hot you won't care if you are the winner or the loser.

Clip length: 00:48:00
Posted: 12/20/2015
File size: 71.71 MB
Category: Mindfuck
Secondary categories: Mesmerize, Sub Training, Masturbation Instruction, Toilet S1avery, Female Domination

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