by Miss Ellechemy
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Release: Apr 2016
Length: 29:03

Feeling lethargic? Distracted? Finding it difficult to focus?
The question isn't if you should be worried, the question is are you worried enough, because if you are experiencing these symptoms you are likely the victim of a heinous curse designed to rob men of their will and potency.
BUT FEAR NOT! RENOWNED SORCERESS ELLECHEMY has dedicated Herself to relieving men of such burdens. Her advanced arcane arts are guaranteed to restore you to your proper place and state of mind.

** NOTE ** Ellechemy's arcane remedies may have side effects, including memory loss, inability to concentrate, persistent erections, chastity, unexplained compulsive behavior & complete subjugation into a permanent state of mind controlled sexual servitude.

Clip length: 00:29:03
Posted: 04/26/2016
File size: 66.48 MB
Category: Mesmerize
Secondary categories: Mindfuck, Sub Training, Hypno-Robo, Chastity, Female Domination

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