by Miss Ellechemy
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Release: Jan 2018
Length: 20:09

There's no more denying it, and I am here to help you to accept it, because boy, you are just TOO DUMB TO FUCK.Take that any way you like, it's already too late, you are consumed and obssessed with lust and self-gratification. Even as you beg to please, you get too caught up in the pleasure of losing yourself to Me and you forget what you were doing, you can't keep up, you're falling behind, and dropping down... you slide, stupefied.

Follow Me, My vapid little vessel. I will empty, release, rewire, repair and replace all of the thoughts in your brain which are simply obstacles in the way of you realizing your own deepening desire to become My totally mindless h********d puppet.

Clip length: 00:20:09
Posted: 01/11/2018
File size: 27.68 MB
Category: Mindfuck
Secondary categories: Mesmerize, Sub Training, Hypno-Robo, Orgasm Control, Female Domination

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