by Miss Ellechemy
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Release: Jan 2016
Length: 14:24

The heat drives you out into the city night, in search of something cool to quench your growing thirst.
This heat was always there, inside of you, but She set it on fire. Blazing in your chest, your mouth, your groin - you've already reached the point of no return - you'd do anything to have one sweet taste of Her on your swollen tongue.
She knows this and uses it to bring you to your knees. Crawling to Her in your heat & so fargone you don't even care who's watching... from the Vespers.

Clip length: 00:14:24
Posted: 01/13/2016
File size: 26.37 MB
Category: Mesmerize
Secondary categories: Mindfuck, Hypno-Robo, Goddess Worship, Orgasm Control, Oral Servitude

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