by Miss Ellechemy
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Release: Mar 2016

Let's play a game. Imagine a *H*Y*P*N*O*S*I*S* recording that changes each time you listen to it. That's right, every time you play it you will hear a different version. 

Since your brain won't be able to keep up, your mind will begin to accept that it has been utterly beat. Just relax and try not to think about it too hard. 

Happy & confused, you will learn to enjoy this intelligence reduction session like a silly toy. That's good. Now forget about what you were going to do and let's play a game. The Forgetting Game. I may even let you win this one.


*** Ellechemy's "FORGETTING GAME" is unlike any audio session you have ever experienced. She is in control of this file at all times and will be choosing what you hear and when you hear it.

*** Be sure to follow the simple instructions included with this download and you will be ready to play before you know it.

*** Ellechemy's skill at mind games is beyond comprehension. This session is a minimum of approximately 20 minutes but can play longer because it changes each time it is played.

Instead of trying to figure out how She did this, marvel at Her power to render your brain into such a sweet, succulent mash for Her pleasure.

Clip length: 00:00:00
Posted: 03/31/2016
File size: 21.79 MB
Category: Mindfuck
Secondary categories: Mesmerize, Sub Training, Hypno-Robo, Female Domination, Domination

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