by Miss Ellechemy
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Release: Jan 2016
Length: 23:09

 Ellechemy draws submissives into an intricate trap of chastity & orgasm denial certain to leave Her ardent slaves panting, quivering & begging for more!

Be warned: The advanced audio manipulation in SHIVER makes this much more than a simple mp3. Using SHIVER introduces an interruption in the subject's arousal pattern, rerouting sexual signals so thoroughly that Ellechemy's victims not only experience the extremes of orgasm denial, but actually learn to prefer it.

First time listeners will find themselves swallowed by a twisting soundscape expertly manipulating their brainwaves, setting them up for a surprise ending sure to take their breath away. One taste is never enough: Once you are caught in Ellechemy's SHIVER you will return again and again.

Clip length: 00:23:09
Posted: 01/02/2016
File size: 36.89 MB
Category: Mindfuck
Secondary categories: Mesmerize, Sub Training, Hypno-Robo, Tease & Denial, Chastity

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