by Miss Ellechemy
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Release: Dec 2015
Length: 35:33

Be prepared to be REDUCED to a quivering mass of squishy brain matter by Mistress Ellechemy to mold into whatever She sees fit!

Prepare to be consumed by the endless sucking, swirling puddle of blank nothingness as She asserts complete control over your mind and body.

She will allow you to feel the exact moment that you were enslaved, before She takes that, too.

This session is so intensely powerful, you won't remember what happened, only that you NEED TO DO IT AGAIN!

Surrender your imagination so that She may direct it, violating your every thought and filling your head with the panting, sultry, desperate ache to OBEY Her slightest whim.

Clip length: 00:35:33
Posted: 12/28/2015
File size: 32.55 MB
Category: Mesmerize
Secondary categories: Mindfuck, Hypno-Robo, Female Domination, BDSM

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