Destiny 01

by Samantha Sez
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Length: 32:17

Going about your business you notice a new girl at the coffee shop. She is friendly and outgoing, sexy and confident. Talking with her effortlessly reveals there is chemistry between the two of you. One thing leads to another and she agrees to a date. Drifing in and out of trance while the story unfolds makes you feel like you are actually on a date with a sexy new girl, and with time distortion in trance, you are certain to enjoy the beginning, the middle, and the happy ending but not necessarily in that order because she turns out to be a dominant woman who knows what she wants and is quite comfortable telling you exactly what to do to please her and that makes you wonder if this is the start of something seriously erotic. Due to multiple layers of suggestions the activities you experience on your date will change every time you listen.

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