Pleasure Performance Program 2

by Samantha Sez
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Length: 12:00

The Pleasure Performance Program

After frequent requests from Male clients to provide them with a comprehensive training system to enhance their sexual performance and pleasure during love making, I have carefully researched, designed and tested what is the world's first systematic training program to enhance human sexual performance and pleasure.

Using scientifically proven techniques from Neurolinguistics, Hypnosis, Isotonic and Isometric muscular conditioning, combined with restricted knowledge elicited from select Tantric Yoga practitioners, My exclusive Pleasure Performance Program (PPP) carefully guides the listener by means of a progressive series of recordings to dramatic increases in arousal, sexual performance, duration & strength of erection and, of course, pleasure. The ultimate goal of the PPP is achieving a Tantric state known as "the Cosmic Climax" which is has been reported for centuries to be the greatest of the earthly delights.

This second session in the PPP series further conditions the listener to increased sensitivity and expanded awareness of erogenous zones, and what constitutes an erogenous zone. Hidden in the background is a trigger which will be used in subsequent PPP sessions to trigger arousal both in and out of trance as you journey along the pathway to Tantric Cosmic Climax.

Duration: 12:00 loopable

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