Totally Triggered 01

by Samantha Sez
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Length: 47:04

Imagine the thrill of having your favorite trigger words and phrases used to arouse you beyond your limits and then force you to orgasm on command. Enjoy that experience with Totally Triggered 01. Feel the pleasure as Samantha uses the Good Boy trigger when you drift down deep, manipulating you with Samantha Sez Nude, Samantha Sez Sexy, teasing you with Samantha Sez Limp and Get Hard For Me Now. Your arousal level will shoot through the roof as Samantha strokes your cock with her fluffy pink sweater encased breasts and counts you down to a mind blowing orgasm but, you must first promise to do as you are told, and I will hold you to that promise ;-)

Duration: 47:04 - afterwards you drift off to sleep rather than wake up.

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