by Mistress Candice
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Release: May 2016
Length: 30 minutes

So many struggle with what it is that a Mistress really wants from a pet, yet it differs from submissive to submissive but there was fundamental narrative that should be embedded in every subs head. It should be second nature. This is a great base starting point, a great filler, reminder, tweaker for all those who may know resistance to the fundamentals or may not be aware of the fundamentals or not yet be set up where this fundamental is second nature. I have made 100's of recordings to entertain you, to entertain me, to fuck with you to play with but now as I move toward lifestyle I will making more recordings that are geared towards what I want and expect in life and yet I see lacking. There is a need for this recording, not just with my lifestyle boys but with my callers. Get up to speed, stop backsliding, get to the core of what every Mistress wants. What you want.

Release date: 05/2016

Format: mp3
Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: yes
Length: Approx 30 min

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