Sub Space

by Mistress Candice
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Sub Space is that very special place where the listener enters with total trust and submission to completely immerse ones senses in a very intense scene. This recording is designed specifically to take you deep inside your self. To a place so deep you are both heavy and weightless at the same time. A place so deep inside you that you body will respond automatically to the suggestions you are given, to the commands you are given. It is soft and dark and you slip beyond space and time. This is a good recording for EVERYONE! If you are in chastity, this is for you. If you are hard to hypnotize this is for you! If you are looking to get lost and forget yourself, this is for you. There is a suggestion embeded so that when you come to me for a call or listen to any of my recordings you will go down faster and deeper. THIS RECORDING IS INFINITELY MORE EFFECTIVE IF YOU USE A HEADSET

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