Ballzie Tickle Torment

by Goddess Lycia
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Length: 36:15

This is a Femdom erotic hypnosis session in which Goddess Lycia teases and denies you in the most tormenting way: using her beautiful, long, perfectly manicured fingernails on your nether regions.

I start with a hypnosis induction, where I bring you into a profound state of euphoric suggestibility. Once I have complete control of your body and mind, I bring you to an extreme, heightened arousal with my beautiful nails. Your ballzies will become more full and heavy than ever before, but that is only the beginning.

You will be taken into a whole new dimension of sexual arousal and desperation as Goddess fucks your mind beyond repair. Your body will feel things you never imagined possible. I will bring you close to tears with your biological need to cum, but I will completely deny you from achieving any release whatsoever. And of course, you will thank me profusely for doing so.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, tease and denial, orgasm denial, mindfucking, mind games, erotic suffering, sexual torment, fingernail fetish, condescending Mistress.

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