Teasie Teasie

by Goddess Lycia
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Length: 22:02

That thingie between your legs is so easy to manipulate and control, that I truly find it humorous. That's why I like to play with it and make it INSANE; it just makes me laugh! I mean, think about it: I have so much feminine sexual power that I turn your penis into a whole new creature. I basically turn it into a drippy, twitchy, throbbing mess, to the point where you feel like you might cry from all the pent-up sexual frustration. And what does Goddess Lycia do, while you suffer on the brink of orgasm, unable to make cummies without my permission? I point and laugh and tease you MORE. *kiss*

P.S. I hope this audio makes you blush and cry, too.

Includes: tease and denial, light humiliation, guided masturbation, manipulation, giggles, kissies, orgasm denial, chastity, cock tease.

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