by Nikki Fatale
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Length: 34:07

Let Nikki's sexy hypnotic voice relax you as she introduces you to your sexy hypnotherapist and helps you deal with and understand your sexual submissive side. This is a combined effort of Nikki and the hypno-witch Shiri where your beautiful hypnotherapist uses her unusually hot and sexy methods to take you very deep into trance and help you to gain confidence in yourself with approaching dominant women and being comfortable with your sexually submissive tendencies. Your hypnotherapist will help you grow as a submissive and make sure you thoroughly enjoy the session in the process. I am sure you will want to schedule a second appointment with your hypnotherapist after this session! A nice subtle trance that deepens with time and allows you to see, and feel everything within the session, not as if you are there, but because you are there. Nikki's sensual voice directs, guides and even gives you a special treat at the end. Enjoy, and know your hypnotherapist always knows what is best. Mild D/s content.

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