Never Cum Again

by Jenny DeMilo
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Release: Jun 2012
Length: 22:30

 Erotic femdom hypnosis and mind control training “Never Cum Again” Be trained to keep your cock locked up in a cage in a constant and heightened state of arousal, forever. Knowing that ejaculation is in your past that you will never cum again, you will always be in chastity begging for release. Learn to love the denial learn to beg for denial. Nothing makes you happier then to be denied the release you need and want so badly. Denied over an over teased into oblivion with no chance of release because your cock is owned by me your cruel and harsh mistress. Intense chastity training for true chastity slaves. Beg to be locked up, beg to be denied release, be put in a constant and hyper active state of arousal and excitement knowing you will never cum again. Go deep into a trance, hear the triggers, and be programed with your cock under my lock and key. You wont be able to resist my hypnotic voice and implanted triggers.

Includes: subliminal triggers, back tracks, Chastity, servitude, Cock control, tease and denial, hyper arousal, cock caging, multi tracks, mind control, orgasm control, denial, slave training

Chastity, femdom hypnosis, Hypnosis, MP3

Length : 22 mins, 30 secs

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