by Charlotte Gray
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HeartSong – Romantic Fantasy Hypnosis

Do you know boys, I’m feeling sort of romantic and tender at the moment… Perhaps it’s my continued pleasure at the hard work my subs and slaves are putting in at the Haus of Gray, perhaps it’s the season, or some strange mist in the air, stirring these unusually warm and gentle feelings in me. Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that this rare spark of sweet seduction will reach right down into your mind and run a sensual fingertip over the contours of your heart.

HeartSong is forty minutes of pleasure, tenderness and passion, wrapped in the immersive power of a first kiss with a lover. Relax my darling, lay back and surrender to me. Hip to hip, chest to chest, tongue to tongue, two hearts beating in perfect unison, with the discovery of new love.

Love is the most demanding Mistress of them all, and loving me is the sweetest surrender. A single kiss, and you are mine.

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