Sleeping Servant

by Charlotte Gray
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Length: 110 minutes

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It’s late night, my darlings. I should be in bed. But instead, I have something new for you sleepy little sluts. A brand new brainwashing session to turn you into a slut for me.

This session has been carefully crafted to be effective in teaching you as you sleep. Yes, that’s right. Sleep learning, I believe (as do a huge number of scientists and sleep specialists,) can be a highly effective method of achieving one’s goals. But timing is everything, my darlings. So this session incorporates a long stretch of silence at the beginning, time enough for the average person to fall into slumber and enter the first cycle of REM sleep.

REM sleep is fascinating really. In experiments, brainwaves have been measured in this state and found to be very similar to those of relaxed wakefulness. Thus similar too, to that familiar state of deep trance that you know and love so much. ;)

So dig out your headphones, lower the volume a little, and fall into deep sleep for me. Absorb my words as you sleep peacefully through the night. School is now in session.

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