Progressive Interrupted Sleep

by Mona Blu
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Release: Sep 2008
Length: 24:38

This session is designed for those who deal with necessary interrupted sleep patterns, or a sporadic sleep cycle. During graduate school I worked as a behavioral specialist at a residential facility on the graveyard shift, and those years of constant interrupted sleep hours have had a deeply disruptive affect on My current sleeping routine, even after 10 years! I've re-edited it to be much more general and geared for anyone, regardless of gender to find success in this session.

Although instant sleep cannot be guaranteed, this technique should hopefully help them to feel more refreshed by going into a hypnotic trance (remember the saying- an hour of hypnosis is worth 8 hours sleep).

Total session time: 24:38 minutes

Full body interactive induction & relaxation course.
Sleep cycle progressive trance suggestion.
Dream suggestion & visualization technique.
Staircase deepender - descending exercise
Time displacement & loss of time sequencing.
Continued breathing exercise.

This recording contains 2 versions, 1 with a wakening sequence for those who have a designated time alarm, and one with no wakening sequence for those who would like the trance to lead to a full sleep cycle.

Keywords: sleep, interrupted sleep, relief for insomnia with hypnosis, trance, relaxation, staircase, full body induction, total weightlessness, deeper, heavy, relaxed, detached, happy, dream, comfort, breathing

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