Lust Overload

by Mistress Marisa
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Length: 40 minutes

Lust overload will take you deeply into a dreamy place.
Here I control your mind as you become more susceptible to my words.
Profound and very powerful whispers take you maybe deeper here than before.
Your mind will be in a constant state of dreaminess as you drift off into lust overload
Nothing else matters at all as my voice sedates your mind lost in each whisper going deeper for pleasure.
Whispers will release many sexual pleasures as my voice slides easily and deeply in your mind.
I exercise control in all things and that is just how you like it.
This is an amazingly hypnotic file, laced with powerful whispers that really will have you moaning with pleasure, sheer lust overload pleasure
Over 40 minutes of absolute mind fucking pleasure.
You become sensuously intoxicated as your mind fills with exquisite aromas my warm breath breathing in your ear. Mmmm more pleasure.
While my whispers fill your open mind making you want to go deeper.
You open your mind more, so much more willing to go deeper and feel how good it feels when I fuck your mind even more. Can you hear my stilettos already, slowly walking down that hard marble floor.

Categories: Brainwash, Masturbation
Tags: brainwash, erotic, hypnosis, masturbation, mindfuck, nipple play, pleasure, sex

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