by Mistress Marisa
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Length: 36 minutes

Temptation. An enchanted compelling temptress in hypnotic seduction.
Temptation is one of the moon goddess’s who has tremendous hypnotic powers.
Her enchanting seductive whispers capture your mind and body in a very powerful sensuous way.
Each full moon you may crave her.
Temptation has the ability to morph, getting into your room in the most hypnotic way.
She is will tease and deny you in a deliciously sensuous sexy way.
She has a very powerful way of hypnotising you.
Weaving sensuous powerful whispers deep in your mind.
Her ability to mysteriously appear anywhere any time will turn you on.
Because you know when she appears, you feel a deep sense of erotic pleasure.
Here the sound effects have been created to make arousal even more intense.
She’s addictive. She can be just a shadow that you don’t even notice.
Her mysterious power makes you crave more.
You’ll find her arousing your senses making you, desire to feel her close.
She can morph anywhere anytime when she’s hungry for pleasure.
Her aroma swirls around your mind taking you deeper.
Here she will watch you masturbate. You make that cock hard, getting so turned on while she watches.
She will take you.
Licking her lips, teasing those nipples and feeding her own sexual pleasures while feeding yours.
Temptation will leave you craving wanting more of this absolutely compelling orgasmic pleasure. over 36 minutes of cock throbbing orgasmic lust.

Categories: Masturbation, Seductress
Tags: erotic, hypnotic, intense, masturbation, nipple play, obey, oral sex, pleasure, sex, tease, worship

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