Voyeuristic Pleasure

by Mistress Marisa
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Length: 26 minutes

Can you imagine your dinner date for the evening showing you a seat in her lounge.
She tells you she won’t be long.
You take a seat and notice a large ornate mirror.
Your so intrigued by its beauty that you have to go and look.
You decide to fix your tie and realize as you look deeper into the mirror you can see her. This is an amazingly horny voyeuristic hypnosis file.
If you enjoy watching and secretly peeping.
You will really enjoy this intense masturbation file. Watching her apply her wet shiny lipstick and doing things you can only imagine.
Packed with hypnotic whispers that take you into the most dreamy hypnotic place as you look through the mirror.
Explicit and sexually intense you will want to listen again and again. 26 minutes of absolute pleasure as you look through the mirror.
Would you like to look into a two way mirror and see everything that turns you on.
Come along, your date is waiting for you.

Category: Masturbation
Tags: erotic, fantasy, intense, masturbation, tease, voyeurism, voyeuristic

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