Stiletto Worship

by Mistress Marisa
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Length: 38 minutes

Stiletto worship delves deeply inside your mind.
You can only imagine the pleasure now as her voice strokes your mind softly.
Can you feel the euphoria now as you think about her stiletto heels.
Compelling you to drift into a dreamy hypnotic place where you feel intense pleasure.
If you enjoy stiletto high heel worship, then this highly erotic hypnosis stiletto worship file will drive you crazy.
Here in my realm I take you deeply and seductively into hypnotic trance.
Creating images in your mind of hypnotic seductive stiletto heel surrender.
You enter my dungeon. whispers triggers and Images here will enhance your hypnotic experience.
Hear my stilettos walking down the long marbled hallway as you wait for me.
You will enjoy the gentle tease, the exceptionally horny teasing with those stilettos giving you pleasure in more ways than one.
Just hearing the words lick and suck drives you crazy with desire.
Here in my realm surrender is the only option you desire.
Whispers, embed euphoria deep in your mind.
Stiletto worship is a highly erotic and a very sexually arousing hypnotic MP3 file.
Laced with multi whispers triggers and nipple play. 38 minutes of deliciously orgasmic stiletto worship pleasure.

Categories: Fetish, Masturbation
Tags: high heels, licking, masturbation, nipple play, pumps, sex, stilettos, stockings, sucking, worship

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