Wicked Step Mom - Fem Collar

by Mistress Marisa
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Audio No longer available for purchase
Length: 43 minutes

Wicked step mom has your pleasure collar ready for you baby girl. Your feminization collar. Come to my room baby girl. You will wear the pink pleasure collar. Relax while you drift deeper to that dreamy feminine place. You will wear her pink silk panties and black silk stockings. Wicked step mom glides her pink wet lipstick over you soft sensuous lips, making you more and more feminine. She wears her strap-on cock just for you baby girl. Erotic soft whispers take you deep into hypnotic feminine bliss. 43 minutes of total orgasmic sensuous feminization pleasure.

Tags: collar, erotic, feminising, feminization, hypnotic, nipple play, sensuous, strap-on

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